Taking care of your Mink Lashes

With a flexible band and comfort fit, you will definitely fall in love! A style for every eye shape.

Reusable up to 20-30 times! With care of course. So what's the best way to care for your lashes?

Care Instructions:

1. Use minimal glue when applying your lashes. You don't necessarily need a thick layer. A thin layer from end to end is just enough to keep you lashes in place.

2. Avoid using mascara on your faux lashes. Apply your mascara only to you real lashes and curl your natural lashes before applying your falsies for a better blend.

2. When taking them off, peel off from the outer corner inwards.

3. Peel off any extra glue from the band.

4. Place your lashes back into our safe container that they come in.

Love your Falsies!